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About St. Francis Hospital Foundation​​​​​​​​​

"Ensuring excellence in community healthcare for generations to come."

The mission of the St. Francis Hospital Foundation is to support SSM Health St. Francis Hospital​ as caregivers meet the health care needs of the total person - body, mind, and spirit - in an atmosphere of Christian community.​


foundation-appeal-2016-melissa-day.jpgWhen Melissa Day came to SSM Health St. Francis Hospital for a routine mammogram on March 28th, she wasn’t expecting the news that she would receive. A hard-working assembly line worker at Kawasaki with two teenage kids at home, Day said she was scared to death to tell her family she had breast cancer. Fortunately, her cancer was caught early at 1.5cm. and the doctors performing the lumpectomy said it was an amazing find. Day recalls her experience with the St. Francis Mammography team as, “phenomenal,” stressing how caring and reassuring they were through the whole process. 

With the generous support of our donors, the St. Francis Hospital Foundation was able to support the hospital’s purchase of 3D Mammography. This life-saving technology is 40% better at picking up invasive tumors, and reduces false alarms. St. Francis is the only hospital in Northwest Missouri with this advanced technology. 

foundation-appeal-2016-priceandverbick.jpgImagine the scariest day in a mother’s life when she gets the news that her child has been in a major automobile accident. That’s the news Tracie Price and Tabatha Verbick faced when they were summoned to the Emergency Department at SSM Health St. Francis Hospital on June 2nd after being notified that their sons, Maverick and Dustin had been in a rollover accident. Both boys were brought into St. Francis where critical injuries were assessed and stabilized. 

     “I was frantic, but I had peace because I knew these kids were in the best hands possible,” said Tracie Price, mother of Maverick. 

The assessment and stabilization would prove to be life-saving, as life flight helicopters arrived to transport to Children’s Mercy for surgery. It was unknown whether the boys would survive the flight. 

     “The assessment and communication from the doctors at St. Francis made a huge difference in how Children’s Mercy handled things on their end,” said Tabatha Verbick, mother of Dustin. 

After surgery and hospital stays, along with healing and rehabilitation time, both boys are now healthy and enjoying life as high school students. 


foundation-appeal-2016-aly-ramsey.jpgAli Ramsey, RN, on SSM Health St. Francis Hospital’s Medical Surgical floor, says the new state-of-the art call light system has provided efficiencies that help her devote more timely and individualized care for each of her patients.  

Supporting Education

The St. Francis Hospital Foundation also offers the annual Stoll Scholarship for nursing students. Learn more.

​​2016-2017 Foundation Officers

  • Brock Pfost - President
  • Bill Whited - Vice President
  • Rita Miller - Secretary
  • Ted Espey - Treasurer
  • Mike Baumgartner - Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • John Baker
  • Dr. Patrick Harr
  • Cliff McNair
  • Gary Sherlock
  • Roger Baker
  • Kay Wilson
  • Jim Jacoby
  • Katy Gumm

​Ex Officio Members

  • Ted Espey
  • Rita Miller
  • John Yancey
  • Cathy New
​​ ​

​For more information on the St. Francis Hospital Foundation, please call us at  660-562-7933.​

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