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Cindy Sons | SSM Health St. Francis Hospital

Patient Testimonials

​​Meet Cindy

Cindy Sons put up with her knee pain for years. An unexpected fall and broken ankle made her realize the time had finally come for a knee replacement. The education and personal touch of Dr. Thomas DiStefano put Cindy's mind at ease and, most importantly, eliminated her pain.

Want to know more? Watch this short video of Cindy sharing her story.

Cindy Sons

Meet Stephen

Just over a year ago, Stephen Holmes had pain in both knees and could barely walk. So, he and his wife made the 40-mile trip to SSM Health St. Francis Hospital, where they were quickly impressed with the facility and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. DiStefano.

 ​Want to know what happened next? Watch this short video of Stephen sharing his story.​

Steven Holmes