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At SSM Health St. Francis Hospital - Maryville, we understand that mammograms can be uncomfortable and scary. We want to put women at ease, which is why we provide every patient with a MammoPad breast cushion. This soft, foam pad creates a cushion between you and the mammography machine, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Mammography is an x-ray picture of the breasts. It is the single most effective method to detect breast changes that may be cancer, long before physical s​ymptoms can be seen or felt. Because risk factors vary in everyone, each woman and her doctor should discuss the plan that's right for her. The American Cancer Society recommends that women 40 and over have a mammogram every year. Mammograms save lives.

3D ​​​Mammography

3D mammography, a true breakthrough in the early detection of breast cancer. Over 40 million screening mammograms are performed each year in the United States, yet one in 10 women is called back for additional examinations, often because an image is unclear. The vast majority of these tests are done with 2D mammography, which can be limited since the technology only provides a flat image of the breast. The breast itself is made up of milk ducts, ligaments, fat and blood vessels, which can overlap and cause uncertainty when viewed as a two-dimensional image. As a result, small breast cancers may go undetected.

3D mammography uses a revolutionary process called tomosynthesis, which allows a physician to better distinguish masses or tissues that could be cancerous. During the procedure, an X-ray arm moves over the breast, taking multiple images that are converted into a 3D image. The physician can then examine this detailed image one "slice" at a time, to see the breast tissue layer by layer.

The use of 3D mammography has proven to provide better imaging of masses and other breast abnormalities, reduce false positives or callbacks by 40% and be more accurate in detecting breast cancers early. ​

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