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Diabetes Testimonials

Diabetes Testimonials

​​Jim Fall

jim_fall.jpg"I was not surprised to learn I was diabetic, as I had prediabetes for years.  I was surprised about how to eat right and what I should be eating," Fall said.

"For me, when you live alone, you tend to not pay as much attention to eating the way you should. By going through the classes, it heightened my awareness of this. You just have to stay on top of it.​ Learning to manage your diabetes is something you CAN take the time to do, and not only can you, you've got to."


Larry Rusco

larry_rusco.jpg"It helped me control my diabetes myself. The educational aspect of it was excellent," Rusco said. "It made me realize diabetes management is a daily issue. You don't just go to the doctor and forget about it. You've got to own your own disease. The medical profession is there to help me to manage my own health and give me the guidelines and tools to do that. There's no magic silver bullet that a doctor will give you that controls the diabetes."

"Managing diabetes is a daily program, and education is a big part of it. Diabetes education gives you the tools to manage yourself. It's time for everyone to think about prevention. If you eat and exercise like you've got diabetes, you can delay or even prevent it. You've got to get that yearly physical and keep track of everything. It's your job to manage your own health - not your physician's."

Marvin Slagle

martin_slagle.jpg"I thought I knew something about diabetes until I took the diabetes classes at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville," said Slagle. "People with diabetes need to learn about this disease and how to control it, which is primarily diet and exercise. Before coming to these classes, I knew that certain food you ate affected your glucose, but I didn't know how much to eat and when to eat. Now I do. I learned how to eat. I can now read the labels and know how to look at carbs - not just the sugar!  Managing diabetes isn't as difficult as you might imagine!"